time required to perform the entire cleaning process: 35 seconds
customisable with specific devices for disabled
system under European patent
system size:
76 x 41 cm
height 200 cm


  • Independent operation in place of traditional hygienic WC
  • The protective cover of the WC lifts up as the user comes in
  • Cleaning, sanitation of the seat inside of a polyurethane tank, closed and separated from the user room and directly connected to the drain network to avoid the dispersion of bacteria.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the interior of the WC and the seat
  • The protective cover of the WC automatically closes


  • Stainless steel semi-automatic sliding door
  • Presence detection with infrared radar detection
  • Fibreglass sink block
  • Reinforced coin box with interactive display
  • Ribbed porcelain stoneware flooring


  • Floor washing and light object removal
  • Automatic water dispenser for bidet
  • Hot air drying system
  • Hot air drying system

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improving hygiene standards of public toilets
decreasing maintenance costs of public toilets and providing self-financing opportunities
removing architectonic barriers to help people with disabilities
contributing to environmental care and urban decorum

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