Linea Città performs maintenance on their facilities with the following purposes:

  • weekly check of the state of efficiency, supply of consumables and (if required) money pick up from coin box
  • to keeo a high level of efficiency by decreasing the natural deterioration of the mechanical components, electric and electronic
  • repair and restore the state of efficiency of all the components or equipment failures that may result or with reduced functionality

Main features

The service is done by specialized technical personnel extended throughout the national territory

Ordinary maintenance

  • emty trash bin
  • clean up the floor
  • door clean up
  • clean up of indoor walls
  • supply of toilet paper
  • supply of soap
  • test the coin box

Scheduled maintenance

Test the condition of use of the equipment that constitute the technological system.

In particular, they will check the operation of the components of the technical room and user room:

  • sanitizing, washing and drying systems and fine tuning of WC rotation
  • plant of water storage and distribution, solenoid valve, tank and float valve
  • electromechanical handling facility;
  • lighting system, with verification of emergency bulb and battery;
  • ventilation system
  • automatic door
  • coin box

Extraordinary maintenance

Extraordinary measures carried out within twenty-four hours after the call for repair or replacement of any equipment.

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