• Automatic sanitation system of toilet, floor and surfaces
  • Reduced water consumption and maintenance costs
  • Standard size 220 x 270 cm - h 280 cm
  • Structure in reinforced concrete
  • Structural and plant compliance


  1. Transparent dome for natural light
  2. Insulation and bitumen roofing
  3. Bearing roof in reinforced concrete
  4. Painted ceiling
  5. Painted frame
  6. Exterior wall painted
  7. Interior wall coated with ceramic tiles
  8. Emergency and signal devices
  9. Reinforced coin box
  10. Semi-automatic sliding door in stainless steel
  11. Infrared sensors for presence detection
  12. Ribbed porcelain stoneware flooring
  13. Fibreglass sink block
  14. Ceramic WC


  • Wall insulation thickness 30 mm
  • Exterior coating with tiles (in picture [6])
  • Interior coating in fibreglass, tile effect
  • Non-slip ribbed rubber flooring (in picture [12])
  • Air conditioning
  • Water jets for floor washing and objects removal
  • Complete washing of the wall behind the WC
  • Water dispenser for bidet
  • Bad smells suction system
  • Heated WC seat *
  • WC in stainless steel *
  • Underfloor sensors for presence detection
  • Electric floor heating
  • Presence detection with radar system

The prefab kiosk depicted is equipped with the SWING system, but is also compatible with NOBILE system.

*availability depends upon the installed system.

Sanitation Systems

Linea Città offers three types of equipment that allow the cleaning and sanitation of toilets and surfaces.
Each equipment differs for its technology, offering a wide range of possibilities



Independent operation in place of traditional hygienic WC



Compact, versatile and suitable to any situation

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Customized solutions for every need

improving hygiene standards of public toilets
decreasing maintenance costs of public toilets and providing self-financing opportunities
removing architectonic barriers to help people with disabilities
contributing to environmental care and urban decorum

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